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SecureView takes out all the difficulties faced when requesting for assistance. It runs a best in class proprietary application that matches your location to the closest pre-qualified service providers during emergencies.

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Mysecureview is a GPS enabled safety, security and services mobile platform that connects real time people in need of urgent and emergency services with the closest pre-qualified service providers, enables users track their friends and
families during emergencies, as well as receive time sensitive incident notifications at their current locations, favorite locations and locations of their friends and family.

Why SecureView?

Ensure the safety of you and your loved ones

SecureView is constantly on, keeping you alert and notifying you of nearby incidents.

Get help in real-time

If you’re in danger, you can call for assistance using the mobile application. 

Always stay in the know

SecureView notifies you of nearby incidents, keeping you knowledgable about your surroundings. 

Steps to security

It’s easy to get started with SecureView

Step 1: Download the app

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Step 2: Make an account

Create your MySecureView account by signing up with your email/phone number

Step 3: Join your safety circle

Set up your profile and be granted access to MySecureView

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