With the ongoing rainfall across Nigeria, it is of necessity that electricity consumers are mindful of the dangers of electrical hazards.

This rainy season accompanied with flood, high winds and increased rainfall could cause a lot of electrical accidents coupled with the fact that water is a good conductor of electricity. This is the reason why electrical safety during rainy season turns out to be very important

So today we’ll discuss tips to counteract any sort of electrical mishap that can occur during blustery season.

Here Are Some Electricity Safety Tips You May Need For The Rainy Season

  • Stay away from Power lines after a storm: When you see power lines on the ground following a storm, don’t go close to it for any reason. This is because downed power lines could still be live and dangerous. Immediately contact your emergency personnels to resolve the issue.
  • Ensure your home is properly grounded: Ensuring your home is properly grounded, it minimizes the level of electrocution should incase you mistakenly plug in an electrical device or come in contact with an unexposed wire. Endeavour to ask for help from professional electricians as regards grounding or earthing.
  • Avoid flooded places: It is advised that you keep away from flooded areas if you must step out of the house as it could be in contact with electrical outlets, appliances or cords.
  • Keep tab on weather forecast: Always make sure you tune in to the weather forecast before you get into your car. And this isn’t just for your present location, but also for the destination. Stay updated on the weather predictions of the place you’re heading to. Our mobile platform also sends you incident notifications of flood and other relevant incidents around you and places you will visit ahead.
  • Avoid contact with electrical items: Never handle electrical items with wet hands or bare feet. Do not use electrical appliances that have been exposed to water. If you must repair wet appliances, make sure it becomes dry then contact a qualified professional on mysecureview app

Once you have followed the tips above, you will become less prone to electrical hazards and more alert to handle any consequences should accidents happen!

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