Children and Parents should both take conscious efforts in staying safe at all times as schools have resumed. If we look closely at what is happening in the country, there is no room for taking personal security for granted.

Here are some safety tips parents should consider as children returns to school  

  • When changing your child’s school, ensure you get to know about the school systems and safety policy: Parents should work closely with the school and try to know more about the staff (teaching and non-teaching) in the school. For example, you need to know who picks your child, the school bus driver, both teaching and non-teaching staff in the school and route your child takes whenever he or she is coming home.
  • Always keep in touch with your child’s school administration and teachers for close monitoring
  • Cultivate the habit of checking their bags daily when they are back from school incase they unknowingly kept in harmful objects
  • Be sure that your child knows his/her home address, parents name, phone numbers and Lagos emergency numbers – 767/112.
  • Teach your child to be able to know when someone is stalking on him/her and immediately raise an alarm
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