Are you concerned about ensuring the safety and security of yourself and your loved ones, friends, colleagues? Then SecureView is for you!

Are you an emergency service provider looking for ways to optimise your operations? Then use our web portal and mobile app to your advantage

How it works

Download the App “MySecureView” from Apple and Play store for FREE

Step 1

Download MySecureView from Apple or Play store and sign up using your email and phone number

Step 2

Create or join existing safety circles

Step 3

Invite other members to your safety circle or create as many safety circles (family, friends, gym buddies, work colleagues, e.t.c)

Sign up complete, now sit back and enjoy SecureView’s other amazing features.

SecureView has 2 main plan types: BASIC FREE and PREMIUM Paid.


Users are able to create a limited number of safety circles, circle members, favourite places, and view check-in and help alert history. BASIC plan users are unable to initiate a HelpAlert or Service request from the App.


Users are able to use all SecureView’s app features without limits including initiating a HelpAlert or Service request.

With SecureView, you’ll always be in the loop about what is going on around you.

App features

Everything you need to keep safe is just a click away.

Help Alert

Initiate help alerts to a prefered service provider or allow the app locate one

Location Sharing

Easy location sharing with family and friends to allow.

Safety Circle

Create safety circles of people with common interests.


Secure and reliable instant messaging with saftey circle members.


Self or app prompted Check-in feature to inform safety circle members on safety status.

Favourite Places

Save favourite places and receive arrival and departure notifications from circle members

Inside the app

Customized map view

allows users to view location of family and friends. Real time incident reports around favourite places.

Intuitive HelpAlert

Initiate help alerts to a preferred service provider or allow the App locate one

Emergency contacts

Create emergency contact list to be automatically contacted via various media (SMS, in-app, email etc)

Secure payment system

Purchase service coins in advance via card, bank transfer, QR code, and bank short code; service payments through the app

Secure chat module

Secure chat with family and friends through the App especially during emergencies

Pre-qualified Service providers

Pre-selected and prequalified service providers ensure quality service delivery. Rate services as part of SV QA/QC.

Widest coverage of Service providers

A large network of Service providers ensures that users always receive the timely response they require.

Check-in and HelpAlert history

View history of circle members check-in or HelpAlert

Customized location sharing

Choose location sharing at any point in time

Get SecureView. Invite Others.

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