Why go look for assistance when it can come to you? When it comes to carpentry work – be it furniture repairs or even making custom pieces, getting the right carpenter ensures that the work will be done in a timely manner and the finished product will look great.

MySecureView Mobile App answers all your carpentry needs by sending over verified professionals for any kind of carpentry services. This can include repair work for cabinets, creating shelves, replacing door hinges, or making adjustment. Looking for carpentry services online is easier than asking around for a local technician.

You can also request for service providers such as electrical services, fumigation services, medical, painting services, welding services, e.t.c.

Download MYSECUREVIEW APP on Playstore or Appstore or update on Appstore(https://apps.apple.com/ng/app/.mysecureview-app/id1521335231) or Playstore(https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mysecureview.app ) to start requesting for assistance. 

Any further questions? Our friendly Support team is only a quick email or

phone call away! You can contact us at +234 (0) 705 998 8777 or send a mail to hello@mysecureview.com.

Stay safe always with Secureview!

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