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MySecureView Mobile App

Mysecureview is a GPS enabled safety, security and services mobile platform that connects real time people in need of urgent and emergency services with the closest pre-qualified service providers, enables users track their friends and
families during an emergencies, as well as receive time sensitive incident
notifications at their current locations, favourite locations and locations of their friends and family.

GPS enabled Help Alert Protocol

  • Enables users request service assistance from the closest pre-qualified service providers
  • Service providers include medical emergency, security emergency, road side assistance, auto mechanics, plumbers, carpenters, fumigation specialists, electricians, etc.
  • The service providers have an app which enables them to locate the user

Safety Circle Protocol

  • Users are able to create SecureView network of people they have something in common e.g. family, friends, colleagues, etc. and keep track of them during an emergency
  • Members of the same safety circle get notified via different means (email, in-app, SMS) whenever someone in the circle has an emergency
  • Members are able to track each other
  • Members of the same safety circle receive incident notifications when a member of the circle is within radius of reported incident
  • Users are able to invite their friends, families, etc to their SV circles using a unique invite code.

Customized Location Sharing

  • Privacy is guaranteed and users can choose when and with whom to share their location
  • During emergencies, SV App automatically prompts user to enable location sharing as to alert user’s network of his current situation and location

Check-In/Out Protocol

  • Users are able to Check-In at various locations thus assuring their friends and family of their safety
  • SecureView platform is able to send arrival and departure notifications to members of the user’s safety circle (friends, family, colleagues etc.)
  • The SV platform prompts users to Check-In after a system predetermined interval

GPS Enabled Incident Notification

  • Get notified of incidents within radius of you and your safety circle members (friends, family, colleagues)
  • Users are able to report/post incidents in real-time and have it posted to hundreds of other SecureView users

Secure Messaging

  • Chat with members of your safety circle securely during emergencies
  • Chat securely with Service Providers
  • Share encrypted files and messages securely

Secure Payment System

  • Users are able to pay for service securely via Card, Paystack, Bank, SMS short code & QR code
  • Users are also able to pay service providers during service coins
  • SecureView mobile App guarantees service providers of their payment as users have the option to prefund their SV accounts with service coins.

Emergency Contacts Response Protocol

  • During an emergency, the SV mobile platform automatically uses several means of communication to reach and alert the friends and family of the concerned user
  • Users designated emergency contacts are also notified when the user is within the radius of an incident.

GPS Enabled Location based security profiling

  • Users will be able to receive notification and context-based SV safety tips when they arrive at certain locations
  • SV safety tips are designed to remind users of the most relevant safety guidelines and best practices needed to keep them and their families safe and secure at various times, seasons and locations

SecureView Tracking Protocol

  • Give your friends, family & security departments the option to securely track you during an emergency
  • Our unique tracking algorithm is able to model your movement and ensure you get notified of incidents near you as well as enable security agencies intervene on your behalf during an emergency

Dedicated Service Provider Mobile App

  • Service providers (medical, security, roadside assistance, automobile, electrical, carpentry, electrical, fumigation, painting, builders, engineers, technicians, courier etc.) are able to respond to user requests from within their dedicated SV service provider mobile app
  • SecureView mobile app enables service provider to track the user, thus reducing the time to respond until the service request is completed.
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