Are you an Automobile, Medical, Security or General Emergency Service Provider looking for ways to optimise your operations? Then use our web portal and mobile app to your advantage!

Follow the steps below to learn more about SecureView

  • If you’ve not already registered, click here to create a Service Provider (SP) account.
  • The account will be activated within 48 hours and your login information will be sent to you via email
  • After registration, download MySecureView mobile app or load the online portal:
  • Login through the online portal or mobile app
  • Once you’re logged on and have confirmed that all your account details are correct, then you are all set to receive real-time service requests!

What next?

You need to remain online and active to receive real-time service alerts from clients within your location.

Tips for Best Practice

  • Ensure the email address and the phone number associated with your SecureView account are easily reachable
  • If it’s unlikely that you will accept an emergency service request owing to distance, be honest about your ETA and availability
  • Ensure to provide good services and let us know how we can help you improve.

Training & Demos

For orientation, service providers are advised to schedule appropriate times for SecureView’s occasional visits to their business location.

To help us improve in ways we can serve you, please feel free to fill the suggestion form below.