Terms and Conditions

  1. I confirm that my name, email, contact, photos, location details which are used for registration are accurate and Secureview cannot be held responsible if same are not accurate. User acknowledges that the notification (email, sms, push) and other information sent to him or accessed by him contain confidential information.
  2. I confirm that my name, username, email, contact details, location, password shall be uploaded to https://mysecureview.com.
  3. I confirm that while reporting incidents as part of Secureview incident reporting feature, photos or videos of incidents may be uploaded to https://mysecureview.com.
  4. I agree that my location, contacts, email, phone number will be shared with Secureview third party service providers to enable effective delivery of services.
  5. I agree that while reporting an incident, my location will be used to provide incident report around my location for effective usage of our services.
  6. SecureView will not be held liable for delay in service providers response to user request and the amount charged by the service provider for services rendered to the user.
  7. SecureView shall not be held liable for disclosure of contact, location details or any activity or incidence on the user account whether authorized by the user’s account or not Provided that such disclosure or any activity, or incidence was authorized or made possible by the fact of knowledge and/or use, or manipulation of the user’s password, or otherwise by the user’s negligence. User acknowledges that his password shall be known and kept secret at all times.
  8. In event of loss or theft of the phone or compromise of the security of the provided e-mail account, the user shall call the SV hot-line (234(0)7059988777) or e-mail ([email protected]) within 24 hours of loss/theft of phone or computer and e-mail/password compromised.


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