Are you scared of taxis? Well, you’re not alone. Anytime you enter a taxi or cab, the driver is completely unknown to you. So it is necessary you take into consideration your personal safety first because the taxi you board can make or mar your journey.

Here are 5 important tips you must be familiar with before boarding a taxi/cab:

Check the taxi credentials to confirm if it is the right person:

It is important that upon arrival of your taxi, check the number plate to see if it matches what is on your device. If possible, take pictures of the number plate and send it to a family member or friend

Take few seconds to check the child safety lock isn’t on: Always ensure you deactivate the child safety lock which is by the side of the door when opened

Make use of GPS ( Global Positioning System): Always keep the GPS ‘on’ in your mobile device till you reach your destination. This is the best way you can be sure of the fact that the cab is taking you to your destination and not a secluded spot.

Don’t be too chatty: Do you ever notice that some taxi drivers are too chatty?They always want to converse with you. If you perhaps decide to interact with them, try as much as possible not to say too much information about yourself.

Make sure you have Mysecureview mobile app: We hope nothing bad happens, but if anything happens, you can always use “Mysecureview” app to request for help and also contact your designated emergency contacts

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