Most times people fail to know that when going for interview, their safety is number one priority. They sometimes forget that negative things could happen that could have been avoided with some planning.

Here are 11 few safety tips to get familiar with before attending interviews:

  1. Ensure at least 2 people have details of your interview location, date, time, company & interviewers names.
  2. Let people know when to expect your return & what to do should you not get in touch shortly after the interview.
  3. Give your family members the number you’re using to communicate with the interviewer/company. If it’s a scam company, their contacts are unlikely to be publically available.
  4. If unfamiliar with the location, check google earth to scan out the area. If possible, do a drive-by the day before the interview.
  5. Don’t be afraid to take someone with you if you feel uncomfortable about the location.
  6. Avoid interviews that take place at a private residence.
  7. If the company uses a home office, as some do, ask for the interview to be at a public location.
  8. Never accept interviewer to arrange transport for you, or to drive you home after.
  9. Be careful of secluded locations that are hard to access, especially if using public transport.
  10. Update your family if any changes take place when you arrive at the interview e.g. time & location. Take pictures of the building & send.
  11. Some red flags for venues; you feel closed in, it’s secluded, meeting rooms are not see-through, not many people present.

Always remember that your safety comes before the job.

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